Heidi Elva is an Artist, Musician, Producer, Composer, Poet, Creator of Mama-Art, Dreamer, Skeleton collector and Mama to Zion.

Heidi Elva grew up in a small town in New Zealand called Levin.  It’s not a famous part of New Zealand but it’s very pretty with mountains that are snow capped in winter, a lake, rivers and lots of green rolling hills around it.

It also has two sets of traffic lights, lots of retirement homes and boy racers.

She currently lives the quiet life with her Colombian husband, Mauricio, their 1 year old son Zion and their blue staffy Maya Moon.  Next to Skeleton Creek in a suburb of Melbourne called Sanctuary Lakes. SanctuaryAltona is surrounded by two big oil refineries and industrial warehouses.

In her dreams she sees overgrown secret gardens with ancient structures with glittering pillars and an altar with neon sacred hearts.

In her art, she explores escapism and mysticism, ancient rituals and pop culture.

She is very reclusive and rarely does shows or goes out.  She still makes music.  She also does visual art.  She likes to stay in her comfortable cave a lot.

witchy // minimal // lo-fi // electronic // chillhop

“Traditional song structures are replaced with cyclical songs…. evoking images of 1940s film noir.  Elva’s voice is velvety and soft and it almost lulls you to sleep…. ” Dom Alessio, The Brag (now Triple J)

“There is so much space in Heidi Elva’s music…..Elva creates an atmosphere of low temperature and low light…a gothic touch…. made for listening almost by osmosis” Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald

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